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Pinup Clothing + Lingerie Websites

Lingerie Websites

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Plus Size Plum

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The Atomic Boutique

Pinup Doll

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Baby Girl Boutique

** Bettie Page Clothing **

Pinup Girl Clothing

Q. Where do you recommend that I look for outfits?

A. Below is a list of sites that have looked at and found to have a good selection for both boudoir and pinup shoots, with a wide variety of styles and prices. I adore Flirt Boutique! (I have not ordered items from each of these sites, I simply have compiled a list, so I cant guarantee their quality)

A lot of my clients have questions before booking or before their shoot. If you don't see your question, please feel free to ask!

Q. Ok, so I'm super nervous about doing this, I'm not skinny or a model. Will I still have a good shoot?

A. Of course! I work with women of all body shapes/sizes and comfort levels. Your shoot goes exactly how you want from the outfits you wear the the poses we choose. I have a wide range of poses that flatter all body types. All I ask from you is to trust me that I'm working to present you in the best possible way, with the best hair and makeup, outfit, set and poses. I often schedule a consultation before your session to discuss the shoot and during that I do encourage you to let me know about any concerns or questions you have. I want you to be fully confident in your expectations for the shoot and in my ability to help you achieve the most beautiful images during your shoot.

Q. Who does the hair and makeup for Studio Betties?

A. Most of the clients that come through my studio are treated to professional hair and makeup by yours truly! I studied hair and makeup artistry in London, UK at Delamar Academy and I don't want to brag TOO much but I did graduate with honors! Sometimes I bring in another artist that I trust to create a specific look or if I just want to focus on the photography aspect of the shoot. I love the vintage hair designs and am constantly trying new styles and makeup looks.

Q. Where does my session take place?

A. I have a studio in NE Minneapolis at which most of my sessions take place. During your session, it is completely private and there is a changing room for between outfits. I am open to the idea of having your shoot at a hotel room if that is your desire but you are responsible for booking and paying for the room.

Q. What happens if I can't come to my session?

A. I do understand that emergencies come up. We prefer that you give us at least 24 hours notice if you need to cancel/reschedule your session, however the deposit that is made upon booking your session is non-refundable. We will try our best to get you back on the calendar at the next possible date. Please do note that we are usually booked out at least 1-2 months in advance so it might be a bit of a wait if you do need to reschedule your session.

Q: Can I bring alcohol to my session or do you provide it?

A: The simple answer to both questions is no. The more involved answer has to do with the safety of my clients, liability of the studio and MN laws regarding the selling or distribution of alcohol. It's just safer and less complicated for all parties involved if alcohol is not a part of my shoots.

Q. What happens after my session?

A. After your session, we will schedule your image viewing and purchasing session. This is usually 7-10 days after your session.

Q. Do you do any retouching on the images?

A. All of my images you choose to purchase go through a magazine-quality retouch: blemish removal, eye color & contrast pop, stray hair removal and color & exposure enhancement. The skin smoothing that I do just adds a touch of glamour to the whole image and this can be made more or less apparent to your liking. I also go through and do a B&W version of all the images you ask to have retouched and often I will play with third version with a special edit that suits the photograph. I try to keep the image still looking like you but with a hint of sparkle!

Q. Can I have any of my images in RAW or un-retouched?

A. Studio Betties has a very distinct look, it's part of what makes our brand. We have a studio policy of only posting or offering retouched versions of your images for purchase. This is non-negotiable.

Q. Do you provide outfits for the shoot? Props? Shoes?

A. In a nutshell, for outfits, not always and the main reason is hygiene. Underwear touches the skin in an intimate place and its better for my clients to know that the outfits they wear in their sessions are clean. That is why for boudoir sessions, I can sometimes provide bras (if I have a size that fits you) but no underwear (I advise you bring your own matching sets for the best look). For the pinup outfits, I am working on building my studio closet with the cutest outfits, but we're just getting started on that. I do have a few pairs of shoes but there are are so many different sizes of feet that I often recommend bringing at least one pair (preferably black) to your session. I do have jewelry and a few pinup props that I can provide.

Q. Will I be on the website?

A. That is entirely up to you. We'd love to showcase the images that you love on our site but we understand that some ladies may not feel comfortable. We will discuss that at your viewing session, and we will never pressure you to say yes. Ultimately we want you to walk away with images that you love and if we're allowed to use any of them for our site, that is the icing on the cake!